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Entware-ARM dla Asuswrt-Merlin

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Entware-arm bazowany na Qnapware :


admin@RT-AC87U:/tmp# wget http://asuswrt.eu/files/entware.arm/entware.arm-setup.sh
Connecting to asuswrt.eu (
entware.arm-setup.sh 100% |*******************************|  3190   0:00:00 ETA
admin@RT-AC87U:/tmp# chmod +x ./entware.arm-setup.sh
admin@RT-AC87U:/tmp# ./entware.arm-setup.sh
Info:  This script will guide you through the Entware-Arm installation.
Info:  Script modifies only "entware.arm" folder on the chosen drive,
Info:  no other data will be touched. Existing installation will be
Info:  replaced with this one. Also some start scripts will be installed,
Info:  the old ones will be saved on partition where Entware is installed
Info:  like /tmp/mnt/sda1/jffs_scripts_backup.tgz
Info:  Looking for available partitions...
[1] --> /tmp/mnt/ENTWARE
=>  Please enter partition number or 0 to exit
[0-1]: 1
Info:  /tmp/mnt/ENTWARE selected.
Info:  Creating /tmp/mnt/ENTWARE/entware.arm folder...
Info:  Creating /tmp/opt symlink...
Info:  Creating /jffs scripts backup...
tar: /jffs/scripts/*: No such file or directory
tar: error exit delayed from previous errors
Info:  Modifying start scripts...
Info:  Starting Entware-Arm deployment....
Connecting to qnapware.zyxmon.org (
entware_install_arm. 100% |*******************************|  1711   0:00:00 ETA
Info: Checking for prerequisites and creating folders...
Warning: Folder /opt exists!
Info: Opkg package manager deployment...
Connecting to qnapware.zyxmon.org (
opkg                 100% |*******************************|   123k  0:00:00 ETA
Connecting to qnapware.zyxmon.org (
opkg.conf            100% |*******************************|   146   0:00:00 ETA
Connecting to qnapware.zyxmon.org (
ld-2.20.so           100% |*******************************|   131k  0:00:00 ETA
Connecting to qnapware.zyxmon.org (
libc-2.20.so         100% |*******************************|  1190k  0:00:00 ETA
Info: Basic packages installation...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/Packages.gz.
Updated list of available packages in /opt/var/opkg-lists/packages.
Installing glibc-opt (2.20-5) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/glibc-opt_2.20-5_armv7soft.ipk.
Installing libc (2.20-8b) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/libc_2.20-8b_armv7soft.ipk.
Installing libgcc (4.8.3-8b) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/libgcc_4.8.3-8b_armv7soft.ipk.
Installing libstdcpp (4.8.3-8b) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/libstdcpp_4.8.3-8b_armv7soft.ipk.
Installing libpthread (2.20-8b) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/libpthread_2.20-8b_armv7soft.ipk.
Installing librt (2.20-8b) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/librt_2.20-8b_armv7soft.ipk.
Installing locales (2.20-8b) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/locales_2.20-8b_armv7soft.ipk.
Installing findutils (4.5.14-1) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/findutils_4.5.14-1_armv7soft.ipk.
Installing terminfo (5.9-1a) to root...
Downloading http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-armv7/terminfo_5.9-1a_armv7soft.ipk.
Configuring libgcc.
Configuring libc.
Configuring terminfo.
Configuring locales.
qnapware uses separate locale-archive file independent from main system
Creating locale archive - /opt/usr/lib/locale/locale-archive
Adding en_EN.UTF-8
Adding ru_RU.UTF-8
/opt/usr/lib/locale/locale-archive found
You can download locale sources from http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/sources/i18n.tar.gz
You can add new locales for qnapware using /opt/bin/localedef.new
Configuring libpthread.
Configuring libstdcpp.
Configuring librt.
Configuring findutils.
Configuring glibc-opt.
Info: Congratulations!
Info: If there are no errors above then Entware.arm successfully initialized.
Info: Add /opt/bin & /opt/sbin to your PATH variable
Info: Add '/opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung start' to startup script for Entware.arm services to start
Info: Found a Bug? Please report at https://github.com/zyxmon/entware-arm/issues

lista paczek:

opkg list

Dzięki entware możemy na routerach RT-AC56U, RT-AC68U, RT-AC87U zainstalować całą masę przydatnych pakietów, :1_grinning: np :

admin@RT-AC87U:/tmp# opkg list | grep transmission
transmission-cli - 2.84-1 - CLI utilities for transmission.
transmission-daemon - 2.84-1 - Transmission is a simple BitTorrent client. It features a very simple, intuitive interface on top on an efficient, cross-platform back-end. This package contains the daemon itself.
transmission-remote - 2.84-1 - CLI remote interface for transmission.
transmission-web - 2.84-1 - Webinterface resources for transmission.



pełna lista dostępnych paczek oprogramowania dość pokaźna :


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