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Registration Terms

General terms

  • The nickname provided during registration cannot be vulgar or offensive. Users with this Nick will not be able to complete the Registration necessary to use the Forum.
  • The user should publish posts relevant to the topic of discussion.
  • It is forbidden to publish or post links to rootkits, exploits, viruses, worms, etc.
  • Any technical problems should be reported to the administrator or moderator. Users are asked to make sure that the problem does not result from their improper use of the Website.
  • The User acknowledges that the decisions of the Service Provider or the moderator are final and any attempt to undermine them may be considered a breach of the Regulations. If the Service Provider's decision is not accepted, the User should submit a complaint in the manner described in the Regulations.

Content publishing

The user should:

  • publish Posts in the appropriate forum, according to the topic
  • do not put the same Post / topic in more than one forum;
  • do not publish duplicate Posts,
  • do not post one under the other, just edit your previous post;
  • try to avoid typos as well as spelling and stylistic errors. We make the edition using the "Edit" option;
  • The forum is not a place for private conversations.
  • The User is obliged to refrain from using profanity on the Forum, including manipulating self-censorship by adding spaces, dashes, etc.
  • The user should refrain from formatting the font (bold font, we do not use "large" and "huge" size), from coloring and writing Posts in CAPITAL letters.
  • The user should refrain from using words like tesh, jush etc. (slang)


  • It is forbidden to include links to another competitive forum or website in the signature.
  • The signature must not contain any indecent and generally considered offensive words.


  • The maximum size of the emblem is 100 x 100 pixels.
  • It is forbidden to use images of ranks as an emblem.
  • The emblem must not present pornographic or other content that could be illegal.

Final Provisions

  • These provisions constitute the rules of internet netiquette.
  • In order to properly use the Website, it is necessary to read the content of the Regulations.
  • For persistent non-compliance with the Regulations, the Service Provider is entitled to block or delete the User Account.
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